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Migrating An Existing Website

Migrating a website to your VPS doesn't need to be a major problem.

cPanel Migration

cPanel Migration Path

If your existing website is hosted in a cPanel environment, you can easily transfer it to a cPanel VPS setup with VPSBlocks. Firstly, we recommend upon ordering you purchase the 'Initial cPanel Setup' option, this includes setup of your own name servers, compiling Apache for options and performance and installing a firewall.

Once you have access to the new VPS, you can use the option within WHM/cPanel called 'Transfer Tool'. This automatically transfers your website from another cPanel server.

The alternative is to simply take a backup on the existing server, upload it to the new VPS and then restore it through the cPanel restoration feature.

Ensure that you select the operating system 'CentOS 7 + cPanel (64bit)' so your new VPS does have cPanel installed and licensed.

Managed Migration

Managed Migration Service

A managed migration is an option during the ordering process for cPanel and Vesta VPSs. We will migrate your website and email (cPanel only) to your new VPS environment for you (we don't support migrations to LAMP stacks or bare servers, however, we are happy to migrate from a host who isn't using cPanel - noting that if this is the case it's generally not possible to migrate email).

After you place an order for the managed migration we will contact you for account details and discuss timeline for the transfer. A managed migration can also include optimization for your website as part of the migration fee.

Migrations from an existing cPanel servers are free with new cPanel servers, as well as migration we also setup your server optimally for your sites once the migration is complete.

We charge $59 per Vesta / Hestia managed migrations (one website), this is due to the added support work involved in manual migrations from or to servers other than cPanel.